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Some pages may include providing content based on your location, including directions to Hotel Federale Lugano or leisure facilities, sending special offers, or suggesting hotel activities, services, or promotions.


General terms
You may only use the services of the website if you are at least 18 years old and can enter into legally binding contracts in accordance with the applicable law. The services of the site are not intended for minors and should not be used by them. Please note that additional terms and conditions may apply to reservations, purchases, transactions, uses, or activities that occur on or through the site. You agree to abide by these terms and conditions and all applicable additional terms and conditions.

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Hotel Federale makes the pages available solely to allow you to determine the availability of certain goods and services. You may only use the website to make legitimate reservations or purchases for yourself and your invited guests, or for someone you have authorized in advance. Unless you have obtained prior written permission from Hotel Federale, you are not permitted to use the website for reservations or purchases for any other purpose, including without limitation for the purpose of renting out rooms or studios or seminar / banquet rooms, or reselling reservations , booking, marketing, advertising or otherwise to distribute rooms, reservations or availabilities (including without limitation third party websites), to make false, fraudulent or speculative reservations, to reserve rooms in anticipation of demand, or to make reservations for commercial purposes ( such as the re-renting of rooms), reservations that violate these general terms and conditions can be canceled without notice at the sole discretion of Hotel Federale. Hotel Federale further reserves the right to cancel reservations whose transfer violates these terms and conditions without notice.

Credit card data
The storage of credit card data on the website (if available) is entirely optional. It is not necessary to use the site. Storing credit card information can help speed up your future reservation process. You are solely responsible for updating the credit card information you provide and such information may be kept until your credit card expires. You acknowledge that Hotel Federale may share this information for the purpose of facilitating reservations or as you wish, including through applications on mobile devices that you use and through which you provide Hotel Federale with your account information or when you have set up a link with such devices.

Hotel Federales right of cancellation / defects / errors
This page may contain technical inaccuracies and typographical errors or other errors in connection with the data displayed on the page, including without limitation the rates, fees or availability that apply to your transaction. Hotel Federale assumes no responsibility or liability for such errors, inaccuracies or omissions. Hotel Federale is entitled not to accept reservations or data affected by such errors, inaccuracies or omissions. Hotel Federale is entitled to make changes, corrections, cancellations or improvements to such data or reservations based on such data at any time, even after a reservation has been confirmed.

Information for advertising purposes
The website may display and provide information relating to certain programs, offers or promotions (“promotional offers”). All of these promotional offers are subject to specific terms and restrictions. Please inform yourself about the terms and restrictions of each promotional offer and read them carefully. Hotel Federale reserves the right to change or withdraw any promotional offer at any time without notice. Any promotional offer is null and void if not legally permitted.

Prohibited uses
Any commercial use of the website is expressly prohibited, unless you have obtained the prior written consent of Hotel Federale. You may not use the Site to cause civil liability under the illegal, offensive, threatening, defamatory, defamatory, obscene, objectionable, reprehensible, pornographic or blasphemous material or any material that would constitute or encourage behavior that would be considered a criminal act Would result, or otherwise violate any law, or publish or transmit for any other purpose that is illegal or prohibited by these Terms and Conditions. You agree that you will not (a) disrupt or interfere with the website, (b) use, place or distribute viruses, worms, time bombs or other programming routines that would damage, intercept, impair or cause damage to the site (or intend to perform the actions enumerated above), including the underlying software, hardware, systems and all users of the site or their devices, (c) use or attempt to use robot programs, spider programs, automatic devices or automatic or manual procedures in order to monitor or copy the Site without the prior written and express consent of Hotel Federale, or (d) use any device, software, or other instrument to monitor, copy, interfere with, or attempt to monitor the Site Page, its content, or its operation without prejudice to the previous Free written permission from Hotel Federale.

Data protection and confidentiality
Your input of data on the website for the reservation or use of other services that have been made available to you on the site are subject to the European Data Protection Directive, which is hereby incorporated into these general terms and conditions. All communications, such as searches, questions, comments, suggestions, requests and similar communications that you send to Hotel Federale are not confidential communications, and Hotel Federale is free to use, reproduce, distribute and disclose them. Hotel Federale has no obligation to protect such communications from disclosure. Hotel Federale may use, reproduce, publish, distribute and disclose such communications to others without limitation and without obligation to you. Hotel Federale is also free to use any ideas, concepts, content, techniques or know-how in such communications for any purpose without restrictions and without Hotel Federale having any obligations towards you.

Surfing habits
The website can adapt information, offers and other content to you based on your surfing habits and your geographic location.

The page may contain links to other websites on the Internet and to certain actions on the page that result in certain third-party promotions, including information that is displayed in other windows or on third-party pages. Hotel Federale only makes these links available to you as informative. The inclusion of these links in no way constitutes an endorsement, support or consent to such sites, to the content, products or services of such sites or to the operators of such sites on the part of Hotel Federales. Hotel Federale assumes no obligation to check or monitor pages that refer to this page or refer to us from this page. Your use of such a site is at your own risk and subject to the terms and conditions of such sites. We are not responsible for the content, products, services or practices of third parties. In addition, you agree not to link your own site or the site of a third party to the site without the prior express written consent of Hotel Federale.

Miscommunication / lost transactions
Hotel Federale is not responsible for communication errors, defects, difficulties or other malfunctions or lost, stolen or misdirected transactions, transfers, messages or entries on or in connection with the site. Hotel Federale is not responsible for incorrect information in connection with a transaction or transfer to or to the site, regardless of whether such an incident is due to a user error, system error or human error.

The site is available to anyone with internet access. However, the site may not be continuously available due to maintenance or repair work or problems with the computer or mobile devices or crashes, impairments to the Internet service or other unforeseen circumstances. The site contains information on Hotel Federales’ worldwide products and services, not all of which are available in every location. A reference to a product or service on the website does not mean that such a product or service is available at your location. The content of the page, including the advertising content, is only intended for use and display where its use and display is permitted in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. Any product or service is null and void if prohibited by law.

Jurisdiction / prevailing law / choice of jurisdiction
The website is controlled and operated by Hotel Federale in Lugano-Switzerland. Hotel Federale makes no representations that the content or materials on the site are appropriate or available for use in other locations. These general terms and conditions and any disputes arising from or in connection with the general terms and conditions or the use of the site are subject in all respects to the laws of the Canton of Ticino, Switzerland, without taking into account the provision regarding legal conflicts and are to be interpreted and enforced accordingly.

Severability clause
If any part of these Terms and Conditions is unenforceable, that part will be rewritten as closely as possible in accordance with the parties’ original intentions. All other provisions of these general terms and conditions remain in full force and legally effective.

No waiver
Hotel Federale’s failure to insist on the strict observance of a provision of these General Terms and Conditions or to enforce it must not be interpreted as a waiver of such a provision. Neither the course of a negotiation or a course of action between you and us, nor trading practices can change these general terms and conditions.


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