It all really started in 2009 with the renovation of all 24 rooms of the northern wing of the hotel.
All rooms have now an individual thermostat to regulate heating in wintertime
All rooms have energy saving lamps installed
All showers and watertaps have water consumption reducing fits
All furniture was manufactured and purchased in Switzerland
All construction works were done by local companies

Electrical energy provenance:
82.78% revewable energy – hydropower
1.30% subsidized energy – solar, wind, biomass, etc
12.14% non renewable energy – nuclear

The Buildings:
We own two buildings: one main building (the hotel) and an annex building with studios and a fresh pasta laboratory/restaurant

We renovated the annex, an over 100 year old building, in 2011, by doing:
Heat isolation on the inside walls. This because the building is historical and nothing can be done on the outside walls
Additional heat isolation on the inside of the roof ceiling
Triple glass windows: all
Triple glass front door at the restaurant/laboratory Pasta e Pesto
New natural gas heating and hot water preparation unit
Air-conditioning of the latest generation
Lighting in studios with energy saving lamps
Lighting in the restaurant with LED lamps

What is happening on the main building
80% of the rooms have individual thermostats for heating regulation (wintertime)
Almost all lamps are now energysaging lamps
We are testing LED lighting in rooms and public areas
We are testing a different triple glass supplier. The new triple glass windows will be first installed in June 2013 in the office of Mr. Galliker sen. on ground floor, on the northern side of the building (the coldest corner)
We have agreed to participate in a national program on building optimization and will be followed and mentored by specialists in different energy areas
Replace PCs with notebooks were possibile in our offices (a PC usually consumes around 300W/hour, while a notebook 55W/hour). Since in a hotel many computers work all night, the reduction over a year is important.

We have the luck of being and living in Lugano, where recicling is important.
With our company ecocenter access card, we can bring almost everything to the center. Before that, we separate paper, glass, PET, aluminium, plastics and bring them regularly to the center for correct handling. Regular vaste is kept at a minimum.

Sustenable Transportation
In 2012 we changed our hotel car. We sold our old large hotel van and bought a VW Caddy 1.2 bluetec with very little gas consumption.
Still, free transportation to and from train station is still possible for our guests

We do apologize, but one reason for not having a minibar is the environment.
0.9 kWh/24h x 48 rooms x 320 operating days = 13824 kWh per year !!
The other reason is that we offer all guests on arrival free bottled mineral water in the room and we have a night manager on duty, who would be delighted to serve you some drinks from the bar on ground floor or by calling him

Drinking water quality
Tap water at our hotel is drinkable without any danger for your health. It is of very good quality and with a balanced mineralistation

Hardness: very soft, sweet (°fH: 5-13)
Characterization: little aggressive, balanced
Mineralization: Bicarbonate 48-129 mg/Lt
Total 84-197 mg/Lt Calcium 14.0-34.9 mg/Lt
Magnesium 4.1-12.9 mg/Lt
Sodium 3.0-6.4 mg/Lt
Potassium 1.1-2.4 mg/Lt
Chloride 2.9-8.8 mg/Lt
Nitrate 7.2-11.4 mg/Lt
Sulphate 9.9-22.9 mg/Lt