Monte Tamaro Mountain
Monte Tamaro offers a spectacular 360° view over a large part of Ticino’s territory, encompassing the lake of Lugano and Lake of Locarno with the valleys that surround them, the region of Bellinzona, the Malcantone and their mountains.
Monte Tamaro is THE summer adventures mountain with:
– starting point to numerous hiking routes
– starting point to mountain bike routes and downhill slopes
– adventure park in the trees
– coaster bob (800 meters, 2624 feet), up to 50 km/h 31 miles speed
– Switzerland’s longest flying fox
– tandem paragliding with an instructor
– Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli by famous architect Mario Botta

and for the youngest and most curious visitors:
– play park
– real mountain lake
– fresh air

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Hotel Federale Lugano

Monte Tamaro mountain lake

Hotel Federale Lugano

Monte Tamaro Flying Fox