UNESCO World Heritage: Monte San Giorgio

Monte San Giorgio Mountain and Fossil Museum in Meride
Come and visit these places, the local territory as well as the fossil Museum, they will allow you to discover a fascinating lost world dating over 200 millions years ago.

Monte San Giorgio is one of the most important fossil deposit in the world, for the Middle Triassic, a geological period which took place between 247 and 236 millions of years ago. The fossils coming from this mountain are known for their variety and their exceptional good conservation, they have been excavated and analysed by Swiss and Italian palaeontologists from 1850.

The international recognition of this classical fossil locality was strengthened by its inscription to the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003 for the Swiss side and in 2010 for the Italian territory.

More information on the site and the museum

Train and postal bus connections. Travel time from Lugano to Meride Paese is about 45 minutes

Hotel Federale Lugano UNESCO world heritage

Hotel Federale Lugano
UNESCO world heritage

UNESCO World Heritage: the Castles of Bellinzona

At the crossroads of the Alpine passes
Bellinzona’s castles are considered amongst the finest examples of medieval fortification architecture in Switzerland and they are mainly the result of intensive and complex building activity instigated by the Dukes of Milan in the 15th century. Right up to the present day, these fortifications, with their battlements, towers and gates, continue to be a source of wonder and fascination.

Bellinzona is at a mere 30 minutes train ride from Lugano, and trains run at least every 30 minutes. You can use your SwissPass or Ticino Discovery Card for free train trasportation.
Access to the castles every day free of charge. Visits to museums inside the castle is for a fee.

Informations on Bellinzona Unesco World Heritage

Castelli Bellinzona

Church of Santa Maria degli Angioli

January 2 - December 31, 2016

The church, built in the years 1499-1515 by the Franciscan observant monks, is famous for its magnificent fresco on the main partition with Stories of the Passion of Jesus (1529), a masterpiece of the painter Bernardino Luini (ca. 1480- ca. 1531), whose work is one of the highest achievements of Renaissance painting Lombard influence of Leonardo; also from Luini are the frescoes of the Madonna and Child with St. John the Baptist (the first side chapel) and the Last Supper (on the south wall of the nave), both already in the adjoining convent.
The church is located at the end of Via Nassa, the glamor street of Lugano within an easy walk from the Hotel Federale, the entrance to the new square of the LAC (center Lugano Art and Culture) and the southern entrance of the city of Lugano. Also spectacular is the cloister of the old convent, now converted into a room for receptions and offices of the new center LAC.


LAC – Lugano Art and Culture Center

All new Art and Cultural Center of Lugano – LAC
Lugano’s citizen have been waiting for this area to be re-evaluated for a very long time. The old Hotel Palace closed in 1968 and since then the square, the park and the building have been left at their destiny with shameful results.
Now, all is new, with a Swiss touch:
the façade of the old hotel was kept and restored
the convent and its patio behind the former hotel were restored
… all new Switzerland’s newest Art and Cultural center on the all new Piazza Bernardino Luini
You must see it !

On september 12th, 2015 the museums and the concert hall will open with a very interesting inauguration programm lasting more than 2 weeks

Additional informations: www.luganolac.ch

LAC Lugano - Art, Culture,  Concerts, Meetings, Events

LAC Lugano – Art, Culture, Concerts, Meetings, Events

Mount Monte San Salvatore

March 12th - November 1st, 2016

Spectacular 360° panoramic view from the top of the Church on the very top of the mountain. Look at Lugano and its lake from a very unique position.
Ideal to visit if you have little time to spend in Lugano.
It takes you a mere 25 minutes walk from the hotel or train station to the departing station of the cablecar. Ride to the top of Mount San Salvatore on one of the steepest cablecars south of the alps, enjoy the view and the restauarant, ride back to the bottom and you still have time to discover other sites and/or shopping in and around Lugano.
Additional informations: www.montesansalvatore.ch


Mount Monte Bre

March 1st - December 30th, 2016

Mount Monte Bré is the mountain which you see from our comfort and superior rooms, located to the east of Lugano.
Mount Bré is one of the sunniest areas of Switzerland, offers beautiful views from the Alps to Monte Rosa and of course view of the gulf of Lugano.
Enjoy a 30-35 minutes stroll along the lake and gardens to reach the departing station of the cablecar, or a busride of a few minutes.
Visit also the picturesque village of Bré, seen from our hotel it lies behind the mountain. The village is also the starting point to numerous hiking paths and mountain biking routes. Mountain bikes can be rented at cablecar station (advance booking strongly suggested)

Additional informations: www.montebre.ch


Village of Bré - picture taken by Samuel Golay

Bré paese – foto di Samuel Golay

Mount Monte Lema

March 25th - November 1st, 2016

Mount Monte Lema, with its altitude of 5528 feet, has a wonderful panoramic peak of the southern part of Switzerland. From its top, you can admire both lakes of Ticino, Lake Lugano and Lake Maggiore with Locarno, Ascona and the valleys of Luino.
Being at “only” 5528 feed, the peak is still green, lush and in August you find wild blueberries.
Thanks to its climate and conformation, Mount Monte Lema, is the ideal starting point for flying with a hand-glider or go mountain biking.
The most beautiful mountain hike, takes you on a journey from Monte Tamaro to Monte Lema in about 4.5 hours mountain hike. Be prepared !!

More informations: www.montelema.ch

Mountain hike Monte Tamaro to Monte Lema

Mountain hike Monte Tamaro to Monte Lema

Mount Monte Tamaro

March 26th - October 20th, 2016

Monte Tamaro Mountain
Monte Tamaro offers a spectacular 360° view over a large part of Ticino’s territory, encompassing the lake of Lugano and Lake of Locarno with the valleys that surround them, the region of Bellinzona, the Malcantone and their mountains.
Monte Tamaro is THE summer adventures mountain with:
– starting point to numerous hiking routes
– starting point to mountain bike routes and downhill slopes
– adventure park in the trees
– coaster bob (800 meters, 2624 feet), up to 50 km/h 31 miles speed
– Switzerland’s longest flying fox
– tandem paragliding with an instructor
– Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli by famous architect Mario Botta

and for the youngest and most curious visitors:
– play park
– real mountain lake
– fresh air

V I S I T www.montetamaro.ch for more and exhaustive information

Hotel Federale Lugano

Monte Tamaro mountain lake

Hotel Federale Lugano

Monte Tamaro Flying Fox

Mount Monte Generoso

March 31st - December 31st, 2017

Reopening in spring 2017

Closed Reopening 2016

Reopening 2017

The only cogwheel mountain train south of the alps. Takes you from the lakeshore at 260 meters above see level to over 1700 meters. So, altidutes which everyone can reach without having health troubles.
During summertime it ensures a few degrees less heat, in spring and Autumn you might see a shade of snow. In any case, the correct altitude to do some hiking

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