Collezione Giancarlo e Danna Olgiati, Lugano
Hotel Federale Lugano
LAC Spazio -1

Olgiati Art Collection

September 20 - December 7, 2014

The collection was born in the early ’60s, when Giancarlo Olgiati, as a young lawyer, began his adventure in the universe of contemporary art. In 1985 he was joined by his wife, Danna, Italian galery owner and specialist of Futurist movement.

Where: -1, Lo Spazio on the lakefront of Lugano

When: Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday – from 11:00 to 18:00. Free admission.

Olgiati Art Collection Collezione Giancarlo e Danna Olgiati Lugano

Olgiati Art Collection
Collezione Giancarlo e Danna Olgiati Lugano

Hermann Hesse

Hermann Hesse Museum

Museo open on Saturday & Sunday from 10.30 am to 5.30 pm (November – February) . Sunday readings from 4.00 pm, only from June to October

The museum is in Montagnola, just a few minutes bus ride from Lugano.

Museum: The Hermann Hesse Museum was established in the rooms of the Torre Camuzzi, in Montagnola, Switzerland in 1997. This ancient tower is part of the picturesque Casa Camuzzi where Hermann Hesse lived between 1919 and 1931. From his apartment, he had a marvellous view overlooking the lake of Lugano.

Walking tour ”Following the trail of Hermenn Hesse”. On the occasion of the opening of the Museum, the Town Council of Collina d’Oro set up a footpath which takes to Hesse’s favourite places, passing by the houses where he lived, and ending to the  cemetery where he is buried.


Hans Richter Art Exposition

Until 23 November, 2014

Hans Richter -The Rhythm of the Avant-Garde
Museo d’Arte Lugano, 31 August – 23 November, 2014

One of the main representatives of the last century’s avant-garde, Hans Richter applied his talent and creativity to a seemingly infinite variety of fields: from painting to drawing, cinema to writing, publishing to teaching, always tenaciously fighting to firmly establish the values of the modernist revolution which indelibly marked the first half of the Twentieth Century.
The exhibition has been organised by Los Angeles’ County Museum and Metz’s Centre Pompidou, in collaboration with Lugano’s Museo d’Arte.

Tuesday- Sunday: 10 am–6pm
Friday: 10 am-9 pm
Monday closet

Adults, Fr. 12.-
Reduced and Groups, Fr. 8.-
Under 16years and first Sunday of every month, free admission

Giro d'Italia - Tappa a Lugano al 27 maggio

Giro d’Italia 2015 – Stage in Lugano – May 27

May 27th & 28th 2015

The 27th stage of the Giro d’Italia 2015 will take the best cicling professionals on a 136 km route from Tirano to Lugano. The following day, they will all depart from Melide (a village near Lugano) and have 172 km ride back into Italy to Verbania.
We look forward to welcoming you to our city along lakeshore of Lake Lugano, and our Hotel Federale being located in the center of the Lugano, we are very conveniently located if you wish to follow the stars from very close.

More information @ Gazzetta dello Sport


F1 Grand Prix of Italy (Monza) 2015

September 4th, 5th & 6th, 2015

The circuit is at a mere 80km from Lugano-enjoy a very exhiting weekend in Lugano and travel to Monza on Sunday morning.